Crosscut Sharpening Services


I sharpen one and two man crosscut saws.   Sharpening includes cleaning, straightening, jointing (with a long jointer), shaping and filing rakers, swaging rakers, sharpening and setting the cutter teeth.  The result is an extremely sharp, efficient and smooth running saw.  Most saws take about four to six hours, depending on the condition of the saw.  An hour per foot of saw length is a good estimate.    

  I am able to accept payments by credit card, Paypal or check.  
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Shipping Information:
How To Package Your Saw For Shipping:  Remove all handles and hardware from your saw. Send only the metal blade.  Sandwich the saw between two pieces of 1/4" plywood for shipping. You will need 2 pieces of plywood each one 2” longer than your saw and 2” wider than the widest dimension. Stack the 2 pieces of plywood together and lay your saw on top. Drill bolt holes through the handle holes and a middle hole in a gullet, near the tooth tips. Don’t drill where bolts will contact teeth. Put the saw between the pieces of plywood and bolt it all together. Tape securely. If shipping more than one saw, make sure they are all secured with bolts through handle holes and put cardboard between the saws. Saws can be shipped via USPS, FedEx or UPS. Contact them for shipping charges, USPS is usually the cheapest option if you keep your package under 84 total inches (length+width+height).  Please include your email when sending saws so I can contact you when the they are completed. In general I set lighter one man and falling saws to .012" for the teeth and rakers, larger bucking saws I set to .015 for teeth and rakers.  If you would like your saw set differently for a specific need, please let me know.

Ship saws to: 
Lisa Eversgerd
7 Triple Creek RD
  Oroville, WA 98844

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