Lost Creek is a small certified organic garlic farm located in the heart of the Okanogan Highlands in North Central Washington. We specialize in growing premium quality gourmet garlic seed in the rich, fertile soils and cold winters found here in the Highlands. Our organic garlic is carefully planted, cultivated, harvested, cleaned and inspected by hand to promote optimum growth and ensure the best quality possible. 

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When we are not working in the garlic fields, we can often be found hiking and exploring the forests, lakes, rivers and mountains of the Northwest. It was this love of wild places and nature that drew us together years ago while working for the Forest Service in Montana. Soon after we moved to the Okanogan Highlands, Jason’s boyhood stomping grounds, built a straw bale home, tilled up our future garlic fields and started our life together. Since then we have added a large root cellar, guest house, greenhouse, wood shed, garlic drying shed and cordwood sauna.  After 16 years working on a Wilderness Trail Crew for the Forest Service, Lisa now runs the garlic farm, makes handcrafted soap and pine needle baskets and sharpens crosscut saws from the homestead.  Jason continues to work for the Forest Service as a Wildland Fighter.  We love living our lives close to the land and nature here in the Highlands, growing garlic in a place garlic loves to grow.



Organic Certification #:2727